SuperTux is a free classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original Super Mario games covered under the GNU GPL.

December 20 2015

After more than a decade of slow, but hard development the SuperTux team is happy to announce the first stable release after 0.1.3 (which was released on 2005-07-09), 0.4.0. Compared to 0.1.3, this release features:

  • a nearly completely rewritten game engine based on OpenGL, OpenAL, SDL2, ...
  • support for translations
  • in-game manager for downloadable add-ons and translations
  • Bonus Island III, a for now unfinished Forest Island and the development levels in Incubator Island
  • a final boss in Icy Island
  • new and improved soundtracks and sound effects
  • new badguys, bonuses and power-ups (air-, earth- and ice-flower)
  • a halloween tilemap
  • new graphic effects (glowing objects, particles, ...)
  • levels and worldmaps are scriptable using squirrel
  • much more game objects: trampolines, switches, portable stones, wind, moving platforms, ... - most of them have scripting APIs
  • improved statistics
  • many invisible changes, like unit tests, efficiency improvements and more bugfixes
  • much more...

And of course we updated the official levels to make use of all the new features. Compared to the latest beta, 0.3.5a, this release features:
  • updated translations
  • reworked add-on manager to support downloadable and updatable localization packs
  • many bugfixes
  • added iced-graphics to some more badguys
  • melting animation for some badguys
  • updated more levels (fix playability, ...)
  • updated build system, featuring unit tests, libraries as git submodules and improved Travis-CI builds to support nightly builds
  • more levels in Incubator Island
  • support for horizontal and vertical gradients that span the length / height of a sector. Add (direction "horizontal_sector / vertical_sector") to your gradient.
  • much more...

A big thanks also to our translators who worked very hard, even providing translations for strings changed after the announced string freeze. We'll try to not let that happen for the next release. Note: Please remember that language packs are now managed via the add-on manager. This means that you need to install language packs if you previously used a localized interface. Moreover, you may want to regularly reinstall the language pack from the add-on manager to keep the localization up-to-date (an update system is planned for the 0.5.0 release: #270). Merry Christmas everyone, and happy playing!

December 3 2015

If you want to stay up-to-date with what's going on with SuperTux, you can do so by following us on Twitter.

Stay tuned for further updates, especially regarding the upcoming stable release of SuperTux later this year.

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May 21 2015

We (The SuperTux Development Team) have put our heads together, and we are going to try to officially release Milestone 2 sometime in December. We currently are planning on that month, so right now is a crucial time to have people bug testing. If you would like to help with bug testing you can find the latest downloads in the Download section. As always, if you come across a bug ( or what might be one, feel free to report it in our Bug Tracker. If you would like to help us get this release out you can find more information on our contact section.

May 20 2015

Whewph, what alot of changes, but here you go. We spent the last few days re-doing the website and updating its info.

The latest release (0.3.5a) Brought the following improvements over earlier versions:

  • move to SDL2 for graphics rendering
  • glow effects
  • new badguys: iceflame, ghostflame, livefire, goldbomb, smartblock
  • new bonuses: coinrain, coinexplode
  • statistics improved
  • icy island levels tweaked
  • new sounds
  • massive improvements to localization
  • efficiency tweaks
  • menus reworked
  • addon manager improved
  • new tilemap: halloween
  • new powerups: air- and earth-flower
  • support for horizontal gradients in levels (add (direction "vertical|horizontal") to your level)
  • A 64 bit Windows installer

Here is a link to video footage of SuperTux 0.3.5a courtesy of o11c.

May 2015

Yay! 3 weeks after our 0.3.5 release we bring you release 0.3.5a, which fixes a ton of bugs and we added a 64 bit Windows installer!! As always, if you run into bugs, or would like to join us in developing this game, you can find us on Github.

April 2015

We are excited to bring to you 0.3.5 beta 1 git snapshot! We put a ton of changes and improvements into this release. Head over to the Downloads Section to try it out!!


The Milestone 1 release of SuperTux features:

  • 9 enemies
  • 26 playable levels
  • Software and OpenGL rendering modes
  • configurable joystick and keyboard input
  • new music
  • completely redone graphics

Together with a little story, we hope to provide a good gaming experience with this first Milestone release.

SuperTux is available for Windows, Linux, MacOSX as well as numerous other more exotic systems.